Monongalia County ERISA Lawyer

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) covers many benefits plans which are made available by employers. These insurance plans often provide much-needed benefits to ill or disabled who are unable to work. In some cases, however, insurance companies unfairly deny claims.

If you believe you are entitled to benefits that you have not received, you may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Whether you are considering filing a claim or have already been denied, a Monongalia County ERISA lawyer could help. Call today.

What is ERISA?

ERISA is a federal law that establishes regulations and requirements for the administration of covered benefits plans. For example, ERISA requires insurance companies to issue their decision on an applicant’s claim within a reasonable amount of time. There are also regulations regarding the appeals process. Under ERISA, if an individual proceeds through the process without favorable results, they may go on to file a lawsuit seeking the benefits to which they were entitled.

ERISA does not cover all benefits plans, however. For example, plans issued by government or religious organizations may not have ERISA protection. It could be important to reach out to an ERISA lawyer in Monongalia County for help understanding how the law applies to a particular claim.

Pursuing an ERISA Claim in Monongalia County

Filing a claim is the first step in seeking benefits. An individual may be able to apply for benefits using a form obtained from their human resources department. When the insurance company receives the application, they review it for information pertaining to the medical condition. If the application is incorrect or incomplete, they may deny the claim.

Fortunately, an initial denial may not be the end of a claim. If an individual wishes to continue seeking benefits after a denial, they could move on to an appeal. It is important to submit as much evidence as possible during the appeals process. Additionally, this documentation could be useful if an individual later chooses to file a lawsuit.

Typically, filing a lawsuit only becomes an option once an individual has exhausted the appeals process with the insurance company. An ERISA attorney in Monongalia County could help an individual through the appeals process and any litigation that becomes necessary.

How a Monongalia County ERISA Attorney Could Help

Pursuing a claim for disability or health benefits can be frustrating and overwhelming. The application process requires extensive documentation and close attention to detail, at a time when you deserve to focus on your health. Additionally, insurance companies can become difficult to work with, and an initial denial could require even more time and effort to overcome.

Fortunately, a seasoned attorney could help you pursue the benefits you deserve. If you are applying for the first time, a lawyer could help you collect the proper documentation and put together a convincing application. If your claim was denied, they could examine your denial letter and other factors in order to identify issues with your initial application. Rather than tackling the process on your own, contact a Monongalia County ERISA lawyer for assistance.