Marion County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Careless driving behaviors around motorcyclists can lead to severe accidents and personal injury. Operating a vehicle while impaired, tired, or distracted could cause a driver to make poor decisions and collide with a biker on the road.

When careless or reckless conduct leads to a biker suffering harm, they could have a right to recover compensation from the negligent motorist. An experienced Marion County motorcycle accident lawyer could help injured bikers file a claim, collect evidence, and build a case for a favorable outcome. A successful court ruling in your favor could provide you with damages awards to cover your medical expenses and other losses.

Recovering Damages

Plaintiffs seeking compensation for losses such as medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering must demonstrate that the defendant’s behavior was both careless and the cause of the motorcyclist’s injuries. They demonstrate this by having evidence and witness testimony that convinces a court of the defendant’s liability.

Negligent conduct is objectively unreasonable behavior under the circumstances. Reckless behavior occurs when a person is aware that a risk of harm to another person exists, but they continue anyway. Examples of negligent or reckless conduct include:

  • Driving after drinking alcohol or consuming impairing substances
  • Not looking for motorcyclists before turning or changing lanes
  • Making abrupt movements without first checking for motorcycles nearby
  • Not obeying traffic laws or signs

Once an injured plaintiff has shown the defendant in their case acted negligently, they must show this conduct was the reason the motorcyclist suffered harm. If the court believes the motorcyclist would not have experienced the injuries if not for the defendant’s negligent conduct, the requisite amount of causation exists.

Lastly, the plaintiff must present the court with an amount of compensation that will fully cover their losses, expenses, and injuries. The plaintiff could show invoices, bills, estimates of services, and personal anecdotal experiences to support the requested amount of money.

The actual process of pursuing compensation through a lawsuit could be considerably more complicated. Plaintiffs overwhelmed with proving the necessity for damages could find a knowledgeable Marion County attorney’s help useful. A lawyer could guide injured motorcyclists through all stages of the lawsuit process.

Time Limitations for Bringing Motorcycle Injury Claims

West Virginia’s statute of limitations for motorcycle accident cases is two years. This means injured plaintiffs must file their claim and start the recovery process within two years of the date of their crashes. There are few exceptions to this strict deadline, and they only apply in limited circumstances. For this reason, plaintiffs should consult with a legal professional soon after their wrecks and decide early on whether they will pursue compensation.

Receive Help from a Marion County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Recovering from a motorcycle crash by obtaining financial compensation does not need to be an overwhelming task. Seeking help from a seasoned Marion County motorcycle accident lawyer could make the process of asserting your rights and pursuing damages less intimidating. Learn about your rights and how to protect them by speaking with an attorney today.