Marion County Burn Injury Lawyer

You expect to feel safe at home and work. Unfortunately, negligent individuals, landlords, and business owners may not be adhering to their everyday duty of care, causing an accident to ensue and leaving you with severe physical and psychological scars.

If you are not sure where to turn to get compensation for your losses, a Marion County burn injury lawyer is available to guide you. A traumatic injury does not have to threaten your financial future. Retaining a catastrophic injury attorney could help you recover relief by building your case and filing a claim.

Types of Burns

A burn accident results in either first, second, or more serious third-degree burns.  By assessing medical documents from a doctor that state how severe wounds are, a Marion County legal advisor could help determine appropriate compensation.

First Degree Burns

The mildest form of burn injury is a first-degree, which singes the outer layer of skin, leaving the site red, painful, and slightly swollen. These burns could be caused by touching something hot, such as a pot on the stove, an iron, or a burst hot water pipe. They usually heal on their own or with the use of a cold compress or burn ointment.

Second Degree Burns

Second-degree burns invade deeper into the dermis layer of skin. These burns are quite painful and will blister. Although caused by similar accidents as first-degree, second-degree traumas are more severe and may require medical attention and antibiotics if a physician believes an infection could occur, or if the burn covers a significant amount of body surface area.

Third Degree Burns

The most severe burns are third degree, destroying the outer and inner layers of skin and often tissues, tendons, muscles, and bones. If nerves are damaged, the burn victim may experience little or no pain. These burns may be thermal, chemical, electrical, or radiation. Immediate medical treatment is essential.

What Injuries Could be Sustained in an Injury by Fire?

Burn injuries can happen whenever human skin touches something hot, and 73 percent occur in the home, with kitchen mishaps responsible for almost 20 percent of fire deaths. Other sources of burn injuries include:

Burns Suffered in the Home

Sometimes a defective product causes a burn injury, making the manufacturer and distributor potentially liable. Defective products could include faulty space heaters, highly flammable mattresses and clothing, and faulty wiring.

In an apartment or condominium, landlords in Marion County could be liable for burn injuries when they violate building codes and fire safety laws. Landlords are supposed to maintain a building’s wiring, fire extinguishers, fire escapes, and fireproof doors. A West Virginia attorney specializing in negligence cases can help determine if a landlord caused a burn accident.

Burns Suffered at Work

About 5,000 employees are burned in U.S. workplace accidents each year. A victim could consider filing a workers’ compensation claim to recover economic damages lost from not being able to work. Still, damages for pain and suffering, including disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life, may not be available through workers’ comp. An injured person would need to file a lawsuit to recover those noneconomic damages. Together, a plaintiff and a lawyer can help determine the best course of action to receive a maximum settlement.

Statute of Limitations in Marion County

A burn caused by another person’s negligence is considered a personal injury in West Virginia. The statute of limitations in negligence cases is two years from the time a person is injured. However, it is always best to consult legal guidance as soon as possible to adhere to the statute of limitations and preserve evidence such as photos, police, and fire department reports, and witness statements.

A Marion County Burn Injury Attorney Offers Peace of Mind

A burn injury can be excruciating and potentially disfiguring, but healing could be made difficult by expensive medical bills and a loss of income. If you are burned at work or home, you should be able to heal without having to worry about how you will pay for living expenses for your family. A Marion County burn lawyer can help. Call to schedule a consultation today.