Marion County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Front-end car accidents have the potential for severe injury and property damage. These crashes can occur at high speeds and be devastating for all parties, as they usually involve two forces moving in opposite directions.

If you have survived a head-on crash but suffered harm, you have the right to discuss your options with a personal injury attorney. Your Marion County front-end car accident lawyer could review your case, advise you of the options of your claim, and assist you in pursuing fair compensation from the negligent driver.

Understanding Front-End Collisions

A front-end car accident involves a collision between the front bumpers of two automobiles. Typically, these accidents occur when drivers are navigating in opposite directions on an undivided road or highway. However, these crashes can also occur in intersections or where motorists are pulling into or out of a parking lot.

One common location for these types of collisions is on winding, two-lane roads. Often, drivers will drift over the centerline and collide with the oncoming vehicle. This could happen due to falling asleep, becoming distracted, or overcorrecting after a turn. In any event, these high-impact accidents usually lead to devastating injuries.

Determining fault in a front-end car accident typically boils down to which driver had the right-of-way. Motorists have the duty to only travel within the lane they occupy, meaning the fault would lie with the driver who crossed over the centerline.

Investigating fault in these accidents can be complex. The significant wreckage from these collisions can make it difficult to determine who was at fault. A Marion County representative could evaluate the cause of a front-end car accident and assist their client in seeking monetary recovery.

Determining Fault in a Marion County Head-On Collision

In some situations, the fault in a front-end car accident might not be easy to ascertain. In fact, it is possible that both drivers involved in the crash share some responsibility for causing the collision. This occurs if each of the motorists were crossed over the centerline prior to colliding. Another example of two drivers sharing fault would be if when both drivers are speeding and lose control of their vehicles. When a head-on crash is caused by actions of both drivers, a standard known as modified comparative fault is used.

Modified Comparative

Modified comparative fault is outlined by West Virginia Code Section 55-7-13(a). Under this standard, state law will only bar a plaintiff from recovering compensation from the other driver if they are deemed more at fault for the wreak. As long as the defendant was at least 50 percent at fault, the plaintiff could succeed in their injury claim.

Modified comparative fault also impacts the amount of damages a Marion County plaintiff could obtain in a front-end car accident lawsuit. The statute requires the court to reduce the amount of damages awarded to the plaintiff in proportion to their degree of fault. In other words, a plaintiff that is 40 percent at fault could recover no more than 60 percent of their proven damages. A legal advisor could review a plaintiff’s case and work to prove the least amount of fault for them.

Reach Out to a Marion County Front-End Car Accident Attorney Right Away

A front-end car accident does not have to result in an insurmountable financial burden for you and your family. While vehicle repairs and medical treatment can be costly, you could offset those expenses with a financial settlement.

A Marion County front-end car accident lawyer could help you recover compensation from the driver responsible for the collision. To learn more, call today and set up in initial evaluation.