Marion County Bus Accident Lawyer

Both public and private buses provide essential service to the residents of Marion County, from taking children to school to transporting commuters to work or on a trip across the Mountain State. By necessity,  buses are large, which can make them somewhat unwieldy vehicles that can cause significant damage to passengers, drivers, and other cars, in the event of an accident.

If you were recently involved in an accident with a bus or were riding on one when it crashed, a personal injury attorney could help you recover compensation. Talking to a Marion County bus accident lawyer may not be your first instinct after a traumatic experience, but it could be an essential step towards preserving your financial future.

Who May Be Liable for a Bus Crash?

Depending on the circumstances, multiple parties could bear some degree of civil liability following a bus crash. A bus driver who operates their vehicle recklessly or carelessly—by falling asleep at the wheel, being distracted by a cell phone, failing to follow traffic rules, or any other dangerous act—could be held liable for their actions if they result in an accident that causes damage to or harms other drivers or their passengers.

Employers of commercial bus drivers could be found responsible for the negligence of their employees under certain circumstances. For instance, if a bus company failed to complete a thorough background check and hired a driver with a documented history of traffic violations, they could be considered negligent if a traffic violation by that driver results in a wreck. Likewise, if a mechanical failure played a role in causing a bus accident, the mechanic responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle could bear liability.

However, it should be noted that sizeable commercial bus companies are typically well-equipped to contest allegations of civil liability with their legal teams. Furthermore, a lawsuit against government entities that operate municipal buses could be particularly tricky due to various legal immunities that may factor into a case. Given these potential difficulties, it is usually best for an accident victim to speak with a Marion County bus crash attorney about how to approach their unique case.

Damages a Successful Plaintiff Could Recover

Buses in Marion County vary wildly in terms of the roads they travel on and their available safety features, which contribute to the severity of the damage of a bus wreck from one incident to another. A small fender-bender might leave passengers shaken up a bit, but a rollover accident on a highway could leave passengers with catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries.

Anyone injured in an accident could have expensive medical bills to deal with, be forced to miss work to recover, and experience chronic pain, psychological trauma, and other adverse effects in the months following. A dedicated bus accident lawyer in Marion County could help construct a settlement demand that accounts for all these damages and more, depending on the plaintiff’s individual needs and circumstances.

Learn More from a Marion County Bus Accident Attorney

Time is of the essence when it comes to filing suit following a bus crash of any kind. With relatively few exceptions, all personal injury cases in West Virginia must be filed within two years of when the relevant accident occurred.

If you are struggling with medical bills and other losses due to negligence by a bus driver or their employer, do not delay. Call today to schedule a consultation with a Marion County bus accident lawyer and learn about your options to protect your legal and financial best interests.