Marion County Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Negligent drivers may cause severe injuries to bicyclists sharing the roadways of Marion County, even if bikers are wearing a helmet and protective gear. Due to their lack of protection, bicyclists are especially susceptible to head and spine injuries, broken bones, and paralysis, and the costs associated with recovering from these conditions may place a significant strain on a person’s finances.

Injured bicyclists could pursue legal action against a negligent motorist who subsequently caused them harm. If you are unsure where to start, a Marion County bicycle accident lawyer could help injured cyclists begin their case for fair compensation. A personal injury attorney could assist plaintiffs with investigating their claim, filing a complaint with the court, and representing their best interests throughout the case.

Receiving Damages in Marion County

A bicyclist involved in a wreck may face numerous expenses related to the injuries they sustain. These expenses could include the cost of medical procedures and treatments and may require the injured plaintiff to attend physical therapy or other rehabilitative programs to regain maximum medical improvement. Plaintiffs may have miss time from their jobs to attend appointments or to rest and recover. All of these are considered economic losses and are compensable if another’s negligence caused them.

Plaintiffs could also recover nontangible losses from their injuries, such as a decrease in their quality of life. This decrease may be brought about by the experience of pain or mental distress, or by realizing their injuries interfere with their ability to participate in family or leisurely activities. So long as there is a causal connection between the injuries and the defendant’s negligent conduct, a plaintiff could recover damages for their noneconomic losses.

Those unsure whether their injury expenses or associated expenses are compensable could benefit from consulting with an advisor familiar with bicycle accident litigation. A Marion County lawyer could help calculate damages, and demand their client be compensated a fair amount.

Establishing Negligent Conduct

To be eligible to receive damage awards from a defendant, the plaintiff must prove they caused them harm by their negligent action. A defendant may be acting negligently when their behavior is so unreasonable or ill-advised that another reasonable person would not have acted in the same manner.

Behavior that could lead to an accident include:

  • Drivers who pass or turn in front of bicyclists without giving sufficient clearance
  • Motorists who open their car doors in the path of bicyclists
  • Other aggressive cyclists
  • Bicyclists or motorists who disobey traffic laws or signs

Reckless conduct, such as driving while tired, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, could be demonstrated to the court to support a plaintiff’s claim for compensation. Proving a defendant’s careless behavior often requires considerable evidence and witness testimony, so it could benefit plaintiffs to seek help from a qualified legal representative to gather documents and testimony for their cases.

Call a Marion County Bicycle Accident Attorney to Assist with Your Case

If a collision involving a bike has caused you or a loved one harm, you could take action to protect your financial future and recover fair compensation for your personal injury. Talk with a Marion County bicycle accident lawyer about filing a claim and pursuing restitution for the economic and noneconomic harm you suffered. Your attorney could help you decide if filing a lawsuit makes sense in your situation and take the first steps toward initiating a case.