Harrison County Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident occurs when a truck or a trailer hauling goods turns over onto its side or rotates completely while navigating the roadway. Rollover events can be devastating for both the truck drivers and other vehicles on the road, resulting in massive traffic pileups, costly property damage, and serious injuries or casualties.

If you have been affected by this type of collision, a Harrison County rollover truck accident lawyer could help you understand who to hold accountable, recover damages, and hire expert witnesses to build your case. A determined personal injury lawyer could assist you in claiming the compensation you may be entitled to.

Proving Fault in a Rollover Truck Accident

Usually, a rollover truck accident occurs when the driver takes roadway curves too sharp or fast. When truck drivers who are drowsy or distracted suddenly snap to attention, they might jerk the steering wheel, and sudden changes in movements at high rates of speed can cause the truck to tip. It is common for rollovers to take place on exit ramps and on-ramps because these vehicles may have short-turn radiuses.

While the truck operator may be at least partially, if not wholly, responsible for a rollover accident, these collisions are not always caused by driver error. Tipping over could be caused by improper loading of the trailer itself, which drivers are not usually the loaders of. In this case, the party responsible for causing the accident could be the cargo loader if they carelessly did their job with no forethought to take the proper precautions to prevent a tip-over.

Hazardous Outcomes

On a multi-lane roadway, a rolling truck can tip onto the vehicle next to it, crushing it with a heavy freight. When a rollover occurs on a one-lane road in each direction, it can be a danger to oncoming traffic or the traffic behind the accident if the truck is blocking the lanes without enough distance for other drivers to stop in time to avoid the collision. Ancillary dangers may ensue as well, as the tipped truck may block some lanes of travel, bring traffic to a halt, and risk subsequent rear-end collisions.

Recovering Damages

A Harrison County rollover accident attorney could help a client by conducting a thorough investigation of the accident to determine who is liable for the truck wreck. The lawyer must provide enough evidence to show why the responsible party is at fault, what rules were violated by that person, and which regulations were violated by the trucking company. Provisions that could be violated can include:

  • Driver error
  • Hiring an unqualified driver
  • Failure to perform proper maintenance on the vehicle
  • Not monitoring drivers’ logs to verify compliance with federal regulations
  • Overloading the vehicle
  • Failure to train a driver properly

It is essential when examining fault to find out as much about the accident, the driver, and the trucking company as possible.

Expert Witnesses

If a victim of a rollover truck accident suffers from physical injuries, the truck accident attorney might gather the medical records and bills to demonstrate the extent of compensation necessary. They might also document the amount of time and wages lost if a victim has missed out on work.

For a severe injury, a vocational rehabilitator may be employed to determine whether the victim will be able to return to their position or if a different job would be more suitable given their disability. The lawyer may also employ an economist to place a value on the impact the permanent injury has on the victim’s future earning capacity.

A medical provider must confirm that the permanent injury requires future treatment, and a life-care planner may be employed to determine what upcoming medical care will be necessary and how much that might cost.

A Rollover Truck Accident Attorney in Harrison County Could Help You Recover Compensation

The Harrison County rollover accident attorney could compile all of the expert witness information and present it to the insurance companies to negotiate a resolution that compensates for losses caused by the collision. If no resolution can be agreed upon, the lawyer could initiate a lawsuit and present the case to a jury who could decide what restitution is fair under the circumstances.

Recovering compensation for your losses could be a financial and emotional relief. To learn more information about your legal options, call an experienced personal injury lawyer today.