Unique Aspects of a Harrison County Motorcycle Accident Claim

A motorcycle crash could cause significant damage and injuries to all parties involved. Motorcycle accidents tend to be different than ordinary vehicle accidents because of their severity. A motorcycle does not have as much protection as a passenger vehicle. If they crash, they hit the roadway, and that can harm individuals greatly.

Motorcycle accidents in Harrison County or West Virginia are unique in that the hazards to motorcycle riders in West Virginia tend to be more severe, given the general condition of the roadways, poor weather, and other factors.

Following a motorbike collision, it is best to reach out to a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney. An experienced lawyer could explain the unique aspects of a Harrison County motorcycle accident claim. 

Standards for Motorcyclists

In the eyes of Harrison County law, drivers are held to the same standard as they would be in any situation that involves operating a motor vehicle. The main point is to follow all the roadway safety laws as closely as possible and maintain the right of way appropriately at all times.

The standards of roadway safety are enforced by local county and state police agencies. In the State of Virginia, a motorcycle rider must have an appropriate endorsement to be able to legally operate the bike on the roads. At the age of 18, a motorcyclist upon passing the appropriate practical and written testing can obtain a motorcycle endorsement.

Common Causes of Motorbike Crashes

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Harrison County include the fact that many people do not see motorcycles as the same as vehicles. They do not look closely enough or careful enough at intersections or on interstates in other roads. Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is defects on the roadway or unnatural things that people place in the roadway that post a danger to riders.

Lower visibility or lower sight distances, as well as the condition of the roadways, especially during inclement weather conditions, is an extreme hazard to riders.

Motorcycle accidents happen more frequently, mainly due to the speed and the power of motorcycles as compared to bicycles. Additionally, they are susceptible to crashing based on roadway conditions such as potholes, ditches, and loose gravel.

Motorcycle riders can make themselves more aware of the increased risk of injury that comes with driving a motorcycle by being more cautious of the road and driving habits as well as extremely cautious of the driving habits of others.

Determining Fault Following a Collision

In Harrison County, anybody that is injured by the conduct of the at-fault motor vehicle operator could have a claim or potentially a lawsuit for the incident. Fault is determined in crashes involving motorcycles in the same matter as other vehicle crashes. Determining fault for a motorcycle crash is based on identifying who did or did not have the right of way. The State of West Virginia follows the principle of comparative fault.

In a comparative fault analysis, the fault of everybody involved is compared to determine what percentage each party bears. For example, if one person is entirely at fault and one person is not at fault at all, then 100 percent of the responsibility for the harm will lie with the person that was at fault.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

When a personal injury attorney investigates any motorcycle accident, they consider all factors and especially how the motorcyclist impacted collision. This could include taking into consideration the roadway conditions, the manner on which the other person caused the crash, whether they were distracted, and other such factors.

It is important to consider hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney following a collision. A lawyer will work hard to combat the bias against motorcycle riders who are injured and help them obtain the compensation that they need. Call today to learn about the unique aspects of a Harrison County motorcycle accident claim and your eligibility for recovering compensation for damages.