Harrison County ERISA Lawyer

Many full-time jobs offer employee benefits packages that include health insurance and retirement savings accounts. In order to protect people who have such benefits, the federal government created the Employee Retirement Income Security Act in 1974. ERISA (as it is commonly known) provides some stipulations about how benefits packages must be handled and gives employees the right to sue if they are mistreated.

If you feel that you have been mistreated or your employer or their insurance company wrongly denied a claim, consider contacting a Harrison County ERISA lawyer as soon as possible. With a personal injury attorney’s knowledge and experience, they may be able to increase your odds of securing the compensation and benefits you deserve.

ERISA’s Limitations

ERISA was enacted to protect workers in the private sector, so there are some significant limitations to its reach. Unfortunately, most government workers will not fall under the protections of ERISA, and neither will workers who are employed by churches or whose insurance plans are maintained outside of the jurisdiction of the United States government.

A knowledgeable ERISA lawyer in Harrison County may be able to help clients by advising them on the viability of their claim. If they are not covered under ERISA, the lawyer may be able to save them time and money by avoiding a costly lawsuit that is doomed to fail. If they are covered under ERISA, the lawyer may be able to analyze their benefits package and develop convincing arguments regarding how the person should receive their benefits.

Does ERISA Mean an Employer Must Provide Benefits?

ERISA does not force employers to provide benefits packages to their employees. Instead, the law simply covers the maintenance and distribution of those benefits packages. If an employer chooses to offer benefits to their employees, they must handle them in accordance with ERISA.

Though the act is named for its implications on employee retirement benefits, sections of the law also deal with health insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, and other policies available to employees. To understand how an employer may have violated the law in their handling of an employee’s claim, the wrongly treated person should consult with a dedicated ERISA attorney in Harrison County.

Appeals Process

Appealing a denial of benefits under ERISA comes with many requirements, which is one reason the process is best handled by a professional Harrison County ERISA attorney. ERISA appeals are federal cases which must be filed within 180 days of the initial receipt of the benefits denial in order to avoid losing the right to pursue a reversal.

Another important aspect of an ERISA appeal case is an examination of the reason for the benefits denial. Insurance companies often deny claims for minor reasons such as missing paperwork or improperly conducted procedures. A skilled lawyer may be able to correct those issues before dragging out a costly appeal in court. Since evidence or information that has not been submitted to the insurance company cannot be used in court as a grounds for appeal, it is essential to get a lawyer on the case as soon as possible to begin documenting evidence and communicating with the insurance agency.

Contact a Harrison County ERISA Attorney Today

ERISA cases can mean the difference between hard-earned retirement income and an inability to pay crucial bills. You have earned these benefits, and you have a right to be treated fairly when claiming them. If your benefits were denied, speak with a Harrison County ERISA lawyer today to begin working toward a positive resolution.