Harrison County Dog Bite Lawyer

Many people enjoy keeping pets, and dogs are some of the most beloved pets of all. Unfortunately, “man’s best friend” sometimes behaves in very unfriendly ways. Dog bites and attacks can be extraordinarily harmful and may result in serious injuries with lifelong repercussions.

If a dog bites you, the first step you should take after seeking appropriate medical care is to contact a Harrison County dog bite lawyer. Damages such as the cost of healthcare, the cost of replacing damaged property, lost wages, and lost earning capacity could all be recouped through a personal injury lawsuit. Filing a successful claim may be difficult, so it is best to have the help of an experienced attorney who can navigate the legal system for you.

Vicious Dogs

One factor that may be involved in a dog bite case is the nature of the dog in question. Under West Virginia Code §19-20-21, it is illegal to own a dog that is known to be vicious or violent unless the owner has received a special license. Even then, the owner is responsible for keeping the dog contained to avoid future attacks or bites, and having the special license does not make them immune from lawsuits if their dog bites someone.

If an owner violates this regulation, there can be additional, severe consequences. These can include fines or even having the dog put to death. In some situations, keeping an illegal vicious dog may be used as evidence of extreme negligence on the part of the owner, which may affect the amount of compensation available to the injured party. To make sure that all damages are accounted for and all possible compensation is pursued, it may be imperative that injured people speak with a knowledgeable dog bite lawyer in Harrison County.

Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases

Some dog bite claims are subject to strict liability, meaning owners who allow their animals to roam free, or “at large,” have less protection under the law. A person who is bitten by a dog that runs free will not need to prove liability in order for the dog’s owner to be held at fault. That dog’s owner is considered strictly liable for the injury.

A seasoned Harrison County dog bite attorney may be able to advise injured people on the merits of their case, the liability theory that best suits their situation, and any evidence that they may need to gather in order to win their claim. Such evidence may consist of eyewitness accounts, a previous violent history of the dog, medical records, or other items.

Contact a Harrison County Dog Bite Attorney Today

A successful personal injury claim requires diligence and often comes with many different factors that need to be addressed. The claim must be filed within the two-year statute of limitations, a list of all damages must be made in order to ensure appropriate compensation, evidence must be accumulated, and more. Injured people deserve to focus on their health rather than the details of the case.

If you were injured in a dog attack, the owner of the dog may be responsible under the law. Get in touch with a Harrison County dog bite lawyer today protect your interests and your eligibility for compensation.