Harrison County Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal injuries have the potential to dramatically alter your life. These injuries can lead to numbness or paralysis throughout the body, and in the most severe cases, the damage can be permanent. If you or someone you love suffered a spinal cord injury due to another person’s negligence, the cost of recovering from those injuries could be significant.

Fortunately, you may be able to pursue compensation with help from a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney. A Harrison County spinal cord injury lawyer could provide guidance through each step of the litigation process.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord serves as the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. It allows the brain to transmit commands to the body and receive stimuli back from nerve endings throughout the skin. When the spine sustains damage, it can impact the ability to send and receive these signals.

During the initial review of a claim, a Harrison County spinal cord injury attorney often attempts to identify the nature of a spinal injury and its cause. Spinal cord injuries can be divided into three main types:

  • Central Cord Syndrome
  • Brown Sequard Syndrome
  • Anterior Cord Syndrome

Central Cord Syndrome

The most common form of spinal injury, central cord syndrome often results from an impact the head. This impact forces the head to recoil, damaging the spine in the upper neck. When these injuries are minor, they can lead to burning or numbness in the hands. Serious cases of central cord syndrome can lead to paralysis in the arms or legs.

Brown Sequard Syndrome

Brown Sequard Syndrome is the rarest of the three types of spinal injury. These injuries involved severe damage to one side of the spinal cord while the other remains healthy. Gunshot wounds are a common cause of these injuries.

Anterior Cord Syndrome

Anterior cord syndrome refers to damage done to the anterior part of the spine. The common effects of these injuries include the inability to regulate body temperature or identify pain.

Statute of Limitations in Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits

Like every state, West Virginia has adopted deadlines for the filing of new lawsuits. Referred to as the statute of limitations, this law prevents the filing of a lawsuit after the deadline expires.

The West Virginia statute of limitations for a spinal cord injury case is two years from the date of the injury. Failure to file on time carries steep consequences, including the permanent dismissal of a claim. However, a Harrison County lawyer with experience handling spinal cord injury cases could help an injury victim meet all legal deadlines.

Call a Harrison County Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Regardless of the nature of your spinal injury, the ongoing risk of permanent damage can be severe. Spinal cord injuries can degenerate over time, meaning that you might not fully understand the scope of your injury until months or years later.

A seasoned Harrison County spinal cord injury lawyer understands the importance of considering future medical expenses when negotiating a settlement. Schedule your initial consultation right away to discuss how legal counsel might be able to maximize your financial recovery.