Why is it important to have a truck accident attorney in Clarksburg?

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A serious accident with a large 18-wheeler on Clarksburg’s highways or major roadways can cause significant hardship and injuries. It’s important to hire a truck accident attorney when a commercial truck is involved in the accident for several reasons as outlined below.

Reason #1: Knowledge of Trucking Laws Can Benefit Your Case

Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and have a large number of laws and protocols to which they must adhere. If the driver and/or company is in violation of one of these laws when your accident occurred, their negligence may help you prove fault on their part.

Proving the other party’s fault is fundamental to obtaining a settlement. A truck accident attorney will be familiar the FMCSA regulations and can comb through the evidence to identify negligence, which will be vital to the successful resolution of your case.

Reason #2: Truck Companies Will Have a Legal Team Working Against You

Truck accident companies invest a lot of money in securing a legal team. Their attorneys are on the ready to defend against claims from truck accident victims. They may employ a number of tactics to convince victims to agree to small settlements or to discredit their claims altogether.

It would be quite difficult for a truck accident victim to go head to head (successfully) with a trucking company’s legal team. When you hire a truck accident attorney, he will help you build your case, ensure your rights are upheld, and push for a fair settlement.

Reason #3: You Need to Focus on Healing

Another reason it’s in your best interest to obtain an attorney when a truck is involved is because you’ll want to focus on healing in the aftermath of the accident rather than on stressful legal matters.

Given the seriousness of truck accidents, your damages are likely extensive and it’s important to ensure the claims process is handled correctly so that you can be compensated accordingly. When you have an attorney representing you, you can rest easier knowing that a capable legal professional who has your best interests in mind is working on your behalf.

Consulting a Truck Accident Attorney in Clarksburg

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