Whose insurance covers a rental car accident in West Virginia?

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You can purchase insurance from the rental car company when you rent a car and in some cases it may not be necessary if your own insurance provides coverage for rental cars. If you’ve been in a rental car accident in West Virginia and you plan to pursue a West Virginia injury claim then you should seek legal counsel from a Clarksburg car accident lawyer.

If you purchased coverage from the rental car company, that would cover it; otherwise, your own insurance coverage would. Most insurance policies cover the rental car if your primary car is broken down or at the shop for repairs. This means that if you simply rented a car for vacation then your primary policy probably won’t cover the insurance on the rental car.

However, this can become complicated and depending on what is stated in your policy. There may be exceptions. Understanding ahead of time which insurance policy would cover losses in the event you are injured in a rental car accident in West Virginia is important.

Before deciding to file a West Virginia injury claim that involves an accident with a rental car, you will want to speak with a Bridgeport car accident lawyer. A lawyer can help decipher what is in your policy and how this will affect your case.

A lawyer is also able to help determine who was at fault in your accident and if you are eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries. Having the help of a lawyer is the best way to understand your legal rights and how to protect them.

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