What should I do if I’m involved in a car accident in West Virginia?

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Immediately following your involvement in a West Virginia car accident, you should call police to the scene. If you or someone else was seriously injured, tell the police that an ambulance is also needed.

Do not attempt to move your vehicle. You should try to stay in your vehicle and leave it exactly as it came to a stop from the impact as long as it is safe to do so. If you have a camera or camera phone, it is advisable to take a few pictures of the accident from different angles.

Pictures are especially useful to your Harrison County accident lawyer should you hire one, because they can help establish liability in the accident by showing the damages from impact, weather, and street conditions and signs which may have contributed to the collision.

An experienced Harrison County car accident lawyer will also be able to fully analyze the accident data and help you determine all fault and liabilities in your car accident.

Take your injuries and personal safety seriously. Exercise on the side of caution before moving around or getting out of your car unless staying inside the vehicle poses a serious hazard.

Cooperate fully with medical assistance when it arrives. If the responding officer recommends you go to the hospital to be checked out, do not argue against this advisement. Seek medical care regardless of how minor you think your injury may be.

Write down the details of what happened.   As soon as you have recovered enough to write, you should take notes describing the accident. The details should include the date and time of your West Virginia car accident, what was happening just prior to the collision, and names and addresses of the driver and any witnesses. Because accidents can be so jarring, you may need to get the assistance of a passenger, witness or trusted friend or family member to help you in this task.

Unfortunately, car accidents are a regular occurrence on West Virginia roadways such as I-79, I-77, Route 50, Route 33, and I-68. In fact, our state averages over 40,000 car crashes, over 400 deaths, and over 11,000 serious injuries each year. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a West Virginia car accident, order a FREE copy of our consumer guide, The 7 Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your West Virginia Car Accident Claim then contact the Clarksburg personal injury attorneys at The Miley Legal Group for a FREE consultation – 304-326-1800