What measures can I take to minimize the risk of a West Virginia ATV accident when I’m operating one?

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Riding an ATV is a great experience for any age, but you need to be careful that you don’t end up suffering serious injury in a West Virginia ATV accident. As an accident lawyer in Bridgeport, I see several serious injury cases every year that could’ve been prevented by taking some simple steps to increase your safety.

ATV accident victims are often unaware of the proper safety procedures that they should follow to minimize the risk of injury. Taking a hands-on safety course is highly recommended for new riders to get used to their vehicle and learn how to stay safe.

Safety gear is one key component for a West Virginia ATV accident.

If you use the proper equipment, including:

  • helmets;
  • gloves; and
  • padded clothing, you can help reduce the risk of serious injury.

Even so, a defective vehicle or other driver’s negligence can still lead to serious accidents.

Driving conditions are also an area of concern when it comes to recreational safety in West Virginia. ATV accident injuries often occur when riders take their ATVs on paved roads – “all-terrain” means they CAN handle pavement but aren’t designed for it!

You also should follow common sense, such as:

  • not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • not allowing children to operate adult-size ATVs; and
  • only going out during good weather conditions.

If you follow these basic safety measures you can cut down risks faced while enjoying a ride on your ATV. However, if you do find yourself the victim of a serious injury due to a malfunctioning vehicle or the negligence of another driver, you should seek professional legal help.