What laws govern vicious dogs in West Virginia in the event of a dog bite attack?

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Fortunately, many states impose regulations that deal with owning a vicious or dangerous dog in order to prevent a dog bite attack. In West Virginia, dogs deemed dangerous can be put down. If you or your child has been attacked by a dog in Clarksburg, a dog bite lawyer can help you pursue a claim to recover compensation for any injuries from the attack.

According to West Virginia dog laws, people are generally not permitted to keep dogs that have been proven to be dangerous or vicious. When a dog bite victim or animal control makes a formal complaint and proves that the dog is dangerous, it’s likely that the courts will order a euthanization authorization.

There are some extenuating cases where an owner may be allowed to keep a dangerous dog, but only when they’ve obtained proper licensing;and have kept the dog contained.

If people have been endangered or attacked by the dog, the state will likely order for the dog to be put down at the local humane society.

Some states aren’t as strict with dog bite laws. Luckily for West Virginians, the state is on the side of the dog bite victims, and you have a form of legal recourse if you’ve been injured.