What is the dog owner’s liability if I petted a dog on his or her property and it attacked me?

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Dog owner liability on the owner’s property will depend on the circumstances. If you were attacked by a dog while on the owner’s property, one of the first issues that may be raised is whether you had permission to enter. If you were trespassing or provoked the dog, it could be difficult to find the owner liable. Dog bite lawyers in Clarksburg, WV can explain the laws and how they might impact your case.

An Overview of West Virginia Dog Bite Laws

The laws in your state will impact your case; West Virginia follows limited strict liability.

Dogs that attack or bite and run at large almost always will result in dog owner liability. If the dog isn’t running freely, one possible way to find the owner negligent is if you were welcomed to pet the dog or given permission to do so, despite the dog having previously bitten someone.

Because West Virginia follows the one-bite rule, if you were the first person to be attacked or bitten, and the dog had not previously shown signs of being dangerous, it could be difficult to find the owner liable. The circumstances of each case would need to be evaluated by dog bite lawyers in Clarksburg, WV.

Legal Assistance if Bitten by a Dog

Dog attacks can result in devastating injuries. Consult a dog bite lawyer in Clarksburg, WV at The Miley Legal Group. We will review the details of the incident carefully to determine if you have a case of dog owner liability.