What is factored into a wrongful death settlement in Gilmer County?

Miley Legal Group

According to Gilmer County wrongful death attorney Timothy Miley, your wrongful death settlement will take into consideration numerous factors in deciding your compensation, and the amount of compensation you can receive in a wrongful death claim varies greatly depending on these factors.

Factors in determining a settlement are:

  • expenses for the victim’s funeral and burial;
  • any financial support lost due to the death;
  • the loss of love, affection and companionship;
  • mental anguish, pain and suffering endured;
  • medical costs incurred from the accident;
  • the loss of a protection and nurturing (as in the loss of a parent); and
  • the loss of employment or health benefits.

When someone you love is taken from you suddenly, you are left with a lot to endure. There’s the pain and sadness of losing a loved one without adequate time to prepare, and there are the countless medical, funeral and burial costs you’re faced with in the wake of you loved one’s death. This is why many survivors choose to file a wrongful death claim. This kind of claim can seek to compensate you and your family for the losses you have incurred due to the death.

There is no set number for how much a claim can garner. It is best to consult a legal professional to accurately estimate the amount of compensation you are due. If you’re considering filing a claim, call 304-326-1800 to speak to a Gilmer County wrongful death attorney at Miley Legal Group today.