What is an underride accident and are there measures a truck company could take to prevent such an accident from occurring in West Virginia?

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An underride accident occurs when a car collides with the back of a truck and then slides underneath. This serious and potentially fatal type of truck accident in West Virginia can often be avoided when trucking companies install what is known as a rear guard.

Since underride accidents can be prevented by safe driving practices on the part of drivers, as well as installation of proper equipment, when they occur, victims often have recourse through a personal injury claim.

A Clarksburg truck accident lawyer can evaluate the details of your case to determine if your truck accident in West Virginia was the result of negligence and whether the truck driver or trucking company may be liable for your injuries.

Since underride accident injuries are typically catastrophic and may include multiple fractures, spinal cord injuries and permanently disabling conditions, the help of a Clarksburg truck accident lawyer is often needed.In other cases, fatal injuries such as decapitation occur, as many times the roof of the car is crushed.

In an effort to prevent underride accidents, trucking companies must install rear impact guards to the back of the truck. However, if the guard is not strong enough, a car could still end up sliding underneath.

The guards trucking companies install must meet U.S. standards. They must also make sure that the rear guard is strong enough and that it is properly installed. Even if a trucking company has a rear guard, it could be held liable in a personal injury claim if it was incorrectly installed.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a truck accident in West Virginia, you should immediately consult with a Clarksburg truck accident lawyer who can determine if your underride accident was preventable.

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