What effect do confidentiality agreements have on nursing home abuse claims in West Virginia?

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Confidentiality agreements can have a significant effect on a nursing home abuse claim because of the hidden dangers within. With the complexity surrounding a case of nursing home abuse in West Virginia, it is important to first seek legal help with a Clarksburg medical malpractice attorney.

A confidentially agreement is signed after a settlement has been reached in a nursing home abuse lawsuit. It protects the nursing home because all the facts surrounding the lawsuit, including the amount of money involved, are kept confidential.Therefore the public is never made aware of problems that may exist within a nursing home.

Dealing with a loved one’s injuries as a result of medical malpractice in West Virginia is difficult enough without adding to it the sense that there is no real closure when the wrongs of a nursing home are kept from the public.

Unfortunately, the process of a West Virginia nursing home abuse claim can take a lengthy amount of time and may be drawn out by the nursing home facility’s side. The family’s hope is to just get the case settled, instead of seeing it dragged out.

It is not entirely uncommon for a case involving nursing home abuse in West Virginia to take a long time to resolve. As a result, in an effort to get it settled a little faster, a family may agree to sign a confidentiality agreement.

This can lead to hidden dangers in a nursing home facility that others are not aware of and leave you feeling as if justice really hasn’t been served. To fully understand what your loved one’s legal rights are, you should immediately consult with a Clarksburg nursing home abuse attorney. An attorney will explain what legal options are available and how to proceed with your claim.

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