What are the most common injuries during a West Virginia hunting accident that involves a fall from a tree stand?

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The most common injuries during a West Virginia hunting accident that involves a fall from a tree stand are typically those that affect the head, neck or back. Most falls of this nature lead to severe injuries because of the height from which a hunter can plunge.

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Common Hunting Accident Injuries Involving a Tree Stand Fall

After a tree stand fall, a hunter may suffer:

  • spinal cord injuries (fractures, paralysis);
  • broken arms or legs;
  • internal injuries (if a belt or rope tightens around the middle);
  • torn or strained muscles and ligaments;
  • head injury (including traumatic brain injury); and
  • death.

Many of these injuries can cause disfigurement or permanent disability, resulting in long-term rehabilitation and mounting medical bills.

Tree stand fall fatalities are often preventable and can be the result of:

  • faulty equipment;
  • a defective tree stand;
  • failure to wear a safety harness;
  • falling asleep in the tree stand;
  • loss of balance;
  • improper installation of tree stand;
  • structural failure (resulting in a collapse or falling away from tree);
  • rotted wood;
  • nails or screws pull out of steps; and
  • limbs breaking off the tree.

If you have suffered injuries from a tree stand fall because of a defective product or other form of negligence, contact a Clarksburg hunting accident lawyer. They can evaluate the facts in your case and help determine if liability for your injuries rests with another party.

Defective products could result in a product liability claim. If another hunter improperly set up a tree stand, it could result in a personal injury claim. You may be able to receive compensation for the injuries you have sustained after your West Virginia hunting accident.

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