What are some basic truck driving laws?

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Many of the truck driving laws that are relevant to trucking safety involve drivers’ schedules. Sleep-deprived, overworked drivers can mean more truck accidents on the highway. Laws exist that help prevent truckers from going too long without sleep or rest. Drivers can only work a certain number of hours in a 7-day period, depending on the operating schedule of the company they work for. They also need to account or their time.

For example, they have to keep detailed records on when they were driving, when they stopped to rest, eat or sleep, and when they were performing other job duties that did not involve driving (such as unloading). They need to include the cities, dates and times on the paper forms provided by the FMCSA. Drivers also now have the option of using an on board device that automatically records their information.

There are other truck driving laws, such as those that regulate the size and stability of loads, truck maintenance, and other important issues that can affect the safe operation of the vehicle. 

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