Should I throw out defective or dangerous products, if they cause injury in Star City, West Virginia?

Miley Legal Group

No, you should not throw away defective or dangerous products that have caused you or someone you know harm. It will ultimately be more difficult to prove in court that the product actually caused damage to you if you no longer own it and cannot show it to a judge or jury. It is important to show the defective or dangerous products that injured you to yourStarCity injury attorney too. This way, your lawyer can be armed with much more information about the case, including in what way the product was harmful.

In order to effectively argue that you in fact were injured as a result of a defective or dangerous product, you must prove that:

  • the injury did in fact occur;
  • that the product caused your injury and that it in fact was defective; and
  • that the defect actually was the cause and not user error.

In order for you to prove all or any of this, it is important to hold onto the defective or dangerous product. It can help you and your injury attorney win your case against the product’s manufacturer, designer, or any other party that had involvement with the defect. Otherwise, there is no proof that you ever had the product in the first place or that it was defective.

Injured by a Defective Product? Call a Star City Injury Attorney for Claim Help

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