In Addition to the Federal Regulations, Does West Virginia Have Any State Regulations Regarding Trucks?

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West Virginia does not have any separate state regulations regarding trucks. However, the state has adopted parts of the Federal trucking regulations to govern intrastate trucking with a few modifications. Trucking regulations are in place for the safety of the truck driver as well as to help prevent other drivers from being involved in a truck accident in West Virginia. Remember that all interstate traffic is governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (Title 49, Parts 350-399).

West Virginia’s Adaptations of Federal Trucking Regulations

To regulate the operations of trucks running only in West Virginia, the state adopted federal trucking regulations with modifications as legislators saw fit. These regulations and modifications include:

  • Driver Qualification (Part 391): West Virginia has made several modifications to the Driver Qualification section of the Federal Trucking Regulations. One example of these modifications is age limitations. To drive a truck in West Virginia, you need only be 18-years-old rather than 21.
  • Hours of Service (Part 395): West Virginia has made only one notable modification to the Hours of Service section of the Federal Trucking Regulations. There are no maximum driving or on-duty requirements for intrastate truckers working for agricultural businesses or farms if the truck stays within a 100 air-mile radius of its source throughout planting and/or harvest season.
  • Parts and Accessories (Part 393): West Virginia has made one notable modification to this section of the Federal Trucking Regulations as well, requiring all intrastate wrecker trucks to carry a first aid kit.

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