I was hurt in an accident and my insurance company has asked me to submit to a medical exam even though it wasn’t my fault. Should I go?

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When you are hurt in an accident and submitting a claim for damages, it is not unusual for your insurance company to ask you to submit to a medical exam, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Since insurance companies have a contractual right for you to be examined by a medical professional other than your own physician, you will likely have little to no choice in the matter.These medical professionals are known as Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) and are often used in an attempt to terminate your benefits.

The insurance companies request an exam with an IME to ensure that the medical reports from your own physician are not biased in your favor. While it may seem unfair or cause you some anxiety, your best bet is to approach the appointment with the IME with focus and knowledge about how to best handle the visit.

Listed below are some things to know before undergoing this type of medical exam:

  • Thoroughly read your policy to be sure the insurance company’s right to do so is included in the contract.
  • Contact a Clarksburg personal injury attorney who can advise you of how to best approach this situation.
  • Provide a clear and accurate description of your medical condition (including complaints, symptoms, diagnoses, facts surrounding your accident).
  • Be honest and do not try to exaggerate any of your symptoms in the hopes that you will strengthen your case. This will only backfire and call your entire claim into question.
  • Exercise due caution when interacting with the IME and other medical staff. They are likely watching you very carefully and making note of how you look when you arrive at the appointment and everything you say and do once you are inside.

Contacting a Clarksburg Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been seriously injured in a West Virginia accident, don’t try and go it alone. Insurance companies work in their best interests, not yours. So contact a personal injury lawyer in Clarksburg who will fight for your rights.

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