How do I know if I have been offered a fair settlement for my injuries?

Miley Legal Group

Unless you work with an expert who can help you calculate the current and future expenses related to your accident, it is difficult to know whether a West Virginia injury claim settlement offer will adequately compensate you for your accident injuries.

The reason being is that in any West Virginia injury claim settlement process, every aspect of the accident, injuries, and your personal life must all be taken into consideration to determine if the settlement offer will cover all of your expenses and properly compensate you for the non-economic damages you have also incurred.

Even a similar accident that resulted in a similar injury for someone else will not necessary result in a similar settlement amount for you. This is because your medical costs, long term treatment plan, responsibilities to your family, insurance policies, and other considerations are completely unique to your situation.

Before signing any settlement offer, always contact a Clarksburg personal injury lawyer who can look over your settlement offer, current costs, expected future costs and other specific criteria unique to your case to help you determine if your settlement offer is indeed fair. If your Clarksburg personal injury lawyer tells you that the settlement offer seems inadequate, you can have your attorney negotiate on your behalf or take your West Virginia injury claim to trial.

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