How do I know if I even need a lawyer?

Miley Legal Group

When answering this question, we always advise prospective clients that each situation is different, and there are instances when it is not necessary to even hire an attorney.  Our advice to you would be to gather as much information as possible before making any decisions.    It is also important that you receive any necessary medical attention before even considering your options.  We at The Miley Legal Group take your health very seriously and it is our top priority to make sure that you receive the necessary medical attention.  After that is taken care of, then you should begin reviewing your options.

We have a number of resources available to assist you in determining if you should hire an attorney.  Review our frequently asked questions area to get some additional answers you may need.  We offer a wealth of knowledge through articles and videos that will get you on your way to determining how to handle your injury.

If you have immediate questions or need to speak with an attorney, call our office to set up an initial consultation.  At The Miley Legal Group, your initial consultation is absolutely free and you are under no obligation.  We will discuss the merits of your potential case and help you make a decision whether or not to make a claim.