Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Miley Legal Group

You have been in a motorcycle accident.  It was devastating; you were hospitalized and have begun recovery.  What should you do?  What should you not do?  Who can help?

As with any accident, whether in a car or on a motorcycle, there are important factors you must consider immediately.  You may not want to deal with the insurance company, with the medical bills or even deal with getting your motorcycle repaired.  You are hurt, in a lot of pain and want to try and move on with your life.  But who is going to pay your medical bills and who is going to put your life back together?

Severity of the Damages to You and Your Motorcycle Matter

In some instances, you may not need an attorney.  In fact, if you only have property damages and you did not get medical attention, you probably could settle with the insurance company on your own.  In fact, at your free consultation, that may be something that we recommend.  However, if you have significant medical bills and possible permanent damage, you will need an attorney.  If that’s the case, there are a number of things you need to be immediately made aware of.

One of the first things you need to be aware of are deadlines in the law that can affect your case.  The most important date you need to be aware of, is the date a lawsuit must be filed by.  If this date passes, you will miss you best opportunity to get the money you need to rebuild yourself and your bike.  As with car accidents, a typical motorcycle accident case that involves injury has two years from the date of incident to file a lawsuit.  Not two years from when you are recovered, but two years from the accident.  (Children under the age of 18 who are injured fall under a different category, contact us for further details.)

Do Not Delay in Hiring a Motorcycle Lawyer

Delaying the process of hiring a lawyer and filing a claim can destroy your injury claim.  It can also affect what you can recover.  A delay in the process can affect the evidence that will be available to you and your attorney when working to collect.

In all accidents evidence is key.  Your first and foremost actions should be to get the best medical attention you can and as quickly as you can.  Healing should be your number one priority.  This process will be long and hard, visits with doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors.  Your first thoughts should not be to hire a lawyer, but waiting to do so can and will affect your case.

Preservation of evidence is necessary to win your case.  An attorney has the experience to gather and protect what you will need in the coming months.  Whether it is getting your motorcycle inspected or snapping picture of the accident scene before mother nature or other drivers destroy it; an experienced motorcycle attorney has the knowledge of what needs to be gathered to best present your claim.  With the increase use of technology in courtrooms, evidence is becoming more and more important.

Insurance Companies Do Not Like Motorcycle Accident Victims

We have seen cases in which insurance companies will try any and all tactics to get out of paying what victims deserve.  Accident scene reconstruction, injury graphics and even private investigators can be used to prove that you were somehow at fault for the accident.  You will need an attorney to assist you in combating against not only the stigma of bike riders, but also against a number of these tactics.  Insurance companies will look at damages to your bike, how much treatment you received, did you have pre-existing conditions, were there gaps in your treatment and even if you have taken prescription medication.  They will have an attorney on their side and you will want one on yours.

Their attorney will begin the process of protecting their bottom line immediately.  You should be prepared.  You will be asked to provide statements, sign documents and even provide medical history.  Do not make the mistake of damaging your claim by providing insurance companies with information that they get directly from you!