Do I have to contact police after being in a car accident?

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Most states require a report be made to the police if a car accident happens on public property, such as a highway or street. A car accident lawyer in West Virginia can explain the specific requirements, but generally it is enforced by law and an important part of your car accident claim.

A police report will document the scene. Usually this entails the time of day, conditions, and names of the individuals involved as well as any witnesses. The responding officer will provide a description of the car accident, including who and what may have been at fault. All of this information will serve as evidence for your car accident claim with the insurance company.

Following a car accident, there is normally damage to vehicles requiring repair, and in some cases injuries that require the attention of medical personnel. The expense of these corrective actions can be quite costly, and it is important to have evidence like a police report if you hope to be compensated for damages.

You also may want to seek compensation for lost income due to time missed at work and future medical treatment. Contacting a car accident lawyer in West Virginia can get you started in making your car accident claim and receiving the compensation you deserve.

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