Can I sue a motorcycle manufacturer after Clarksburg wreck?

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Most understand they may sue a negligent motorist who causes a motorcycle accident. But some ask, “Can I sue a motorcycle manufacturer if the bike was defective?” The answer is yes, you can hold a bike manufacturer liable for damages.

Motorcycle manufacturers owe their customers a duty of care to design and manufacture safe, reliable vehicles. When they fail to do so, they are liable for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages that arise because of an accident related to the defect.

Holding a Motorcycle Manufacturer Liable for a Clarksburg Wreck

To hold a motorcycle manufacturer liable you must gather evidence that shows there was a defective component in the motorcycle. It may be helpful to watch the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) recall website for listings of all recent recalls and instructions on how to obtain a repair or replacement.

If no recall notice was issued and you believe a defective motorcycle caused your accident, you will need to allow investigators to examine your damaged bike to identify any potential defects. In any motorcycle accident where you suspect your bike failed because of a defect, ensure your bike is kept in a secure location following removal from the crash scene. The wreckage will need to be examined to determine if a defective in the bike or one of its parts led to your crash.

The investigators reports and other motorcycle accident evidence in defective product cases can be critical to recover damages.

Get Help from a Lawyer to Prove Motorcycle Manufacturer Liability

Filing a claim against a motorcycle manufacturer for a defective motorcycle is not a task to undertake on your own. A motorcycle accident and defective product attorney will help you determine your rights as a consumer and the duties the motorcycle manufacturer owed you in the production and sale of your bike. There are third parties such as mechanics and motorcycle dealerships that may also be liable if they resold recalled bikes or parts.

At the Miley Legal Group our attorneys assist injured motorcyclists in cases of accidents and defective products. Many come to us with questions like, “Can I sue a motorcycle manufacturer?” or “How much is my case worth?” We can address these questions based on the facts of your case.

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