Can I file a car accident claim in Weston, West Virginia, if I didn’t have a valid driver’s license?

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You can still file a car accident claim if you did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of the accident; however, it may be more difficult to prove and win your case. In this situation, it is best to seek the legal counsel of a Weston personal injury attorney.

West Virginiaoperates under the comparative fault system. This means that you can still file a lawsuit for injuries even if you, in part, contributed to them. Your amount of fault in the injuries or accident will simply affect the amount of compensation you can receive in your claim.

In this situation, driving without a license would be similar to driving without a seat belt. Essentially, in your claim, you would need to prove that the other driver held more fault in the accident than you. While your lack of a driver’s license may have contributed to your injuries or worsened them, the car accident was, indeed, the fault of the other driver.

This is where having an attorney by your side can help; they’ll be able to prove negligence on the part of the other driver, and successfully build a winning case for you. It’s important to note that while having legal counsel may help you win your claim, you will likely still receive a citation for driving without a license.

Were you in an accident while driving without a license? It’s important to still file a claim if the other driver was at fault. Call 304-326-1800 or 877-652-1031 to speak with a Weston personal injury attorney at the Miley Legal Group about your options. Learn more about accident claims by reading our article The 7 Biggest Mistakes that can Wreck your West Virginia Car Accident Claim.