Can I be compensated for permanent disfiguring injuries resulting from a dog bite?

Miley Legal Group

Yes, when someone has sustained permanent disfiguring injuries from a dog bite or attack, compensation might be available. It may be advantageous to speak with a Clarksburg dog bite attorney about the types of compensation that could be sought in this type of claim.

Types of Compensation Available for Permanent Disfigurement Injuries

In the case of permanently disfiguring injuries, victims may be affected in every area of life: socially, emotionally and even in the workforce. This is especially true if the injuries are visible to others.

When it’s the result of a dog bite and the owner is found to be negligent (if the dog is running at large or the dog is considered vicious, negligence does not need to be established), economic losses may be recoverable. These are the financial burdens placed on a victim’s shoulders such as medical costs and lost wages.

However, noneconomic damages could also be recoverable. These address the emotional and psychological harm suffered. Examples of compensation that may be available for injuries that are permanently disfiguring include pain and suffering as well as emotional distress.

Determining Worth of Damages in a Dog Bite Claim

Determining the value of damages is easier for the economic losses. This requires calculating the cost of medical care and treatment, along with the amount of time missed from work.

Working with a Clarksburg dog bite attorney can help ensure noneconomic losses are figured in a fair manner. For instance, pain and suffering might depend on the severity of the injury.

A victim who suffered a fractured arm is entitled to receive some form of compensation. But its worth would be much less than someone whose arm had to be amputated as a result of a dog bite. So each case would need to be individually evaluated.

The Miley Legal Group understands the financial, psychological and physical devastation dog bite or attack victims may experience. We can help injured victims who wish to file a claim for disfiguring injuries from a dog bite.