Can a person sue a manufacturer if they are injured while using a product that doesn’t belong to them?

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Yes, you can sue a manufacturer if you are injured while using a product that doesn’t belong to you. This is because a West Virginia product liability claim is not based on ownership but on a defective product that results in injuries. It does not matter who owned the product or paid for it.

Keep in mind that the product will likely be a vital part of evidence in a West Virginia product liability claim.So it is important to keep the product if possible, especially in its damaged state.

Proving that the product was indeed defective may require seeking the expertise of another professional, such as an engineer in the case of a defective motor vehicle. A determination would be needed as to whether or not the design or manufacturing of the product was defective. In some cases, a determination may be that the product had inadequate warnings and instructions.

A West Virginia product liability claim can often be an extensive undertaking, with the possibly several parties at fault.  An experienced Clarksburg product liability attorney can advise you of your rights if you have been seriously injured because of a defective product.

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