Can a person sue a gun manufacturer if the gun misfires or if the safety is malfunctioning and there is a hunting accident in West Virginia?

Miley Legal Group

Yes, you may be able to sue a gun manufacturer if the gun you were using misfired or the safety malfunctioned and it resulted in a hunting accident in West Virginia. A Bridgeport defective product attorney can evaluate your case to determine what legal course of action you may be entitled to take.

If a consumer is using a product and a defect or flaw in the design or manufacturing of it causes injury, then this could lead to the filing of a defective product claim. With guns, it will depend on the specific defect and the actions that took place leading up to the hunting accident in West Virginia.

If the manufacturing of the gun was flawed, then this could lead to a lawsuit against the manufacturer. However there may be other parties that are also liable. For instance, if the design of the gun is what led to injuries, then the designer would be liable. In some cases there may even be more than one party responsible.

When it comes to a manufacturer being held liable for injuries caused by a gun, you would need to demonstrate that the gun failed to operate in a manner that was intended or expected. The mere fact that a gun in itself is dangerous can further complicate the case. This is why seeking help from a Bridgeport defective product attorney is in your best interests.