Fairmont Birth Injury Lawyer

Severe birth injuries can quickly turn a beautiful life event into a horrifying nightmare. Newborns are vulnerable to significant injury risks in birth, and in some cases, these injuries could have a lasting impact on the future health of the child.

If a doctor’s mistake has resulted in an injury to your child, you can take legal action to hold them accountable. A reliable personal injury attorney could review your case and assist you with filing a claim. Your Fairmont birth injury lawyer could relieve you of the legal pressure of the traumatic event and compensate for the financial trouble, allowing you to focus on the health of your child during this difficult time.

Common Birth Injuries

A birth injury could occur during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. While most doctors are careful throughout the childbirth process, even a single mistake could lead to catastrophic results. A Fairmont birth injury attorney could help a parent understand the process of filing a birth injury claim and what qualifies as a birth injury. Some common causes of birth injuries include:

Improper Use of Drugs

A doctor and other healthcare providers have the obligation to administer necessary medication to the mother during labor. When a drug is mistakenly administered or withheld, it could have damaging consequences for the mother or the child.

Labor and Delivery Negligence

One of the more frequently occurring forms of birth injury is negligence during labor and delivery. This claim often arises from a doctor or nurse failing to monitor the health of the mother closely enough. When medical professionals fail to take immediate action when a patient’s condition changes, the delay could be disastrous.

Failure to Perform C-Section

In cases where fetal distress occurs, an immediate cesarean section could become necessary. Any delay in performing an imperative c-section could lead to devastating birth injuries and can even be potentially fatal for the mother and the child.

Negligent Forceps Use

When delivery stalls, some doctors use forceps or vacuums to complete the birthing process. If doctors are not careful, however, these forceps could lead to injuries to the head or neck of the child.

Negligence during Prenatal Care

Not all birth injuries occur during medical care for labor or delivery. In some cases, negligent medical treatment during pregnancy could lead to injuries that do not become apparent until birth.

Sources of Compensation from Birth Injury Claims

When a Fairmont birth injury attorney first drafts a lawsuit, the most common defendant is the medical professional who oversaw the birth. However, they may not be the only culprit in a birth injury. An attorney can pursue monetary compensation from any persons responsible for the mistake. Other parties that could be held legally responsible in a labor or delivery error include:

  • Doctors or surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Administrative staff
  • Hospital owners and operators
  • Insurance companies

Typically, the insurance companies representing the doctor or hospital will ultimately foot the bill for a birth injury claim ruled in favor of the plaintiff. These insurance companies will aggressively work to avoid liability, but an attorney could fight the insurance companies to compensate for a newborn birth incident.

Reach Out to a Fairmont Birth Injury Attorney Immediately

No family should ever have to live with the consequences of a birth injury. Unfortunately, these injuries could affect the future of a family. Experienced legal counsel could bring a civil lawsuit against a negligent medical provider and pursue compensation that could help with future complications.

If your family is coping with a birth injury, you do not have bear the financial weight of the injury on your own. Call right away to find out if a Fairmont birth injury lawyer could help.