Fairmont Electrocution Accident Lawyer

Every year, electrocutions seriously injure or kill people in West Virginia. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are the result of negligence on the part of a utility company or property owner.

If an electrocution accident has hurt you or one of your family members, you could be entitled to compensation, and a skilled local attorney could help you recover damages from the person or company responsible for the incident. Reach out to a Fairmont electrocution accident lawyer today to let them review the facts of your case.

What Kind of Injuries Could an Electrocution Cause?

Electrocution happens when a person touches an open electrical line causing a high voltage of electricity to strike them. Electrical hazard accidents can result in intense pain, severe injuries, and even death. Some of the injuries that may occur in Fairmont include:

The parts of the body that come into direct contact with the electrical source usually suffer the most severe burns. Generally, the head, hands, and feet incur the worst wounds.

Who Could be Held Liable in an Electrocution Accident in Fairmont?

Electrocutions frequently occur on-the-job, particularly at construction sites, but also can happen at home or on another’s property.

Construction Site Accidents

Any worker at a construction job site could sustain injuries in an electrocution accident if working around electricity. Electrocution job site accidents often injure Fairmont workers such as electricians, laborers, ironworkers, welders, and heavy equipment operators.

Faulty electrical wiring causes many job site electrocutions. A legal advisor may want to look at the maintenance records of the local power company. If they find evidence that the company did not properly maintain wires, they may encourage an injured worker to pursue a claim against them.

Other Workplace Accident

Other workplace accidents occur when workers touch live wires, circuit breakers, machinery, electrical appliances, or power lines. People in charge of a construction site, such as contractors, sub-contractors, and property owners, must follow the stringent West Virginia and federal rules and guidelines. They are obligated to maintain a working environment that is reasonably safe for their employees.

A Fairmont legal representative could review all of the facts of an electrocution accident to see how the workplace accident occurred and determine if the contractors, sub-contractors, or property owners could be held legally responsible for the accident. If the attorney can establish that the people in charge of the job site did not take proper precautions to ensure the safety of their workers, they could be found liable for the accident.

Accidents at Home

Some electrocutions at home also come from faulty electrical wiring. Other home accidents result from electrical appliances, such as microwaves, hairdryers, and irons. These home accidents often occur because the appliances have power cords that are defective or damaged.

Possible Limitation on Electrocution Accident Recovery in Fairmont

In West Virginia, courts will reduce a claimant’s award of damages in proportion to their degree of fault. Under the state’s modified comparative negligence standard outlined in West Virginia Code Section 55-7-13a, as long as the claimant is less than 50 percent to blame for their accident, they can still recover damages, but the court will reduce their award by that percentage of fault. For example, if a court were to determine that an individual was misusing their home electrical appliance, and that misuse was responsible for 25 percent of the accident, the claimant would still be able to recover 75 percent of the damages that the court would have otherwise awarded.

Reach out to a Fairmont Accident Attorney Today

Electrocution accidents could be complicated to file a claim for. They often involve complex federal, state, and local regulations and laws.

You can trust that a skilled Fairmont electrocution lawyer understands these laws and will work with your best interests in mind. They will work hard to obtain the maximum possible relief against all potential defendants through local, state, and federal laws. Call today to see if a dedicated attorney can help you through this difficult time.