Fairmont Burn Injury Lawyer

A burn is an excruciating injury that could possibly leave lifelong scars or disfigurement as a constant reminder of the incident. Additionally, this could burden an individual with substantial medical bills.

If you have been burned in an accident, it could be beneficial for you to seek out a consultation with a Fairmont burn injury lawyer if you believe your injuries arose because of another’s careless action or inaction. You could be entitled to seek financial compensation for these injuries, depending on the circumstances of your case. With the help of a local personal injury attorney, you could bring a claim to court to pursue your damages from those responsible.

Causes of Burns

When most people think of burns, the incident that likely comes to mind is a fire. However, there are several common causes of burn injuries. Some examples include:

The way a plaintiff is burned not only determines the symptoms and severity of their wound, but it could have an impact on the amount of compensation they might be entitled to in their case. Therefore, a plaintiff should see a doctor, for both their physical well-being and as a record of their injuries. A Fairmont burn injury attorney could use this documentation to strengthen the claim.

Degrees of Severity

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, burns are categorized into three degrees of increasing seriousness:

  • First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of skin, which could be red, painful to the touch, and show mild swelling
  • Second-degree burns could reach the underlying layers of skin and be more painful, as well as cause redness, swelling, and blistering
  • Third-degree burns affect the deepest layer of skin and could cause such significant nerve damage that the patient feels no pain afterward. The skin could appear dry and leathery with a black, brown, or white discoloration

Damages for Burn Injuries

The degree of burn generally influences the number of damages pursued. Under West Virginia Code §55-7-13B, a plaintiff could seek compensatory damages that consist of both economic and non-economic losses. These two types of damages allow a plaintiff to pursue financial compensation for not just their medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation, but also for their pain and suffering, humiliation, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other psychological trauma they may have endured.

While a specific amount does not need to be stated in the initial complaint, in accordance with W.Va. Code §55-7-25, the plaintiff and their attorney should strategize the extent of the damages they wish to pursue prior to filing. It is crucial, therefore, for a plaintiff to fully explain the extent of their burn injury to a Fairmont lawyer.

Consult with a Fairmount Burn Injury Attorney About Your Possible Claim

Whether you have a first-degree burn or are suffering from debilitating third-degree wounds with possible lifelong ramifications, you could consult with a Fairmount burn injury lawyer. With the help of an experienced attorney, you could gain a better understanding of your legal rights and the avenues available to seek a favorable resolution to your case.

A local lawyer could represent you on your behalf to pursue a claim. To find out what the next steps could be, call a representative today.