Elkins Dog Bite Lawyer

Someone in Elkins bitten by a dog may have no idea how to properly respond to the shocking event. If the bite caused a serious injury, they should seek medical attention first and foremost. Then, once they feel comfortable, they should consider hiring a seasoned personal injury attorney to recover compensation for their medical treatment

These incidents could ultimately lead to pain, expenses, an emergency room visit, a rabies test, and lost income from missed work. If you have suffered an animal attack and you are wondering how to address actual or potential repercussions, speak with an Elkins dog bite lawyer. They could reveal a path that resolves your dilemma and permits you to collect damages for your losses.

Strict Liability Laws in Dog Bite Cases

According to the Elkins City Code, dogs must be registered, vaccinated, and sufficiently confined to prevent them from straying from home. In many states, strict liability laws—laws that do not require proof of fault to hold someone liable for causing harm—do not allow a plaintiff who has been bitten by a dog to collect damages unless the animal in question was generally known to be aggressive or dangerous.

Under Chapter 19, Article 20 of the West Virginia Code, the owner or keeper of a dog roaming freely faces strict liability for any property damage or bodily harm the animal causes to others. West Virginia law provides plaintiffs a greater chance of collecting damages than many other states, where strict liability applies only to the owner of a dog known to have aggressive tendencies.

Elkins Legal Actions that Require Proof of Negligence

State law generally prohibits owning or keeping a dog that is considered dangerous. To keep such a dog for protection, someone must acquire a special license in addition to an ordinary dog license and secure the canine sufficiently to prevent injury to anyone lawfully entering the owner or keeper’s property. If the dog causes property damage, injury, or death to anyone, no legal defense shields the owner from absolute liability.

In many states, a plaintiff bitten by a dog considered friendly may prevail if they provide adequate proof of the owner’s negligence. The same is true of a plaintiff in West Virginia who has suffered a dog bite by a leashed or secured animal generally considered friendly, although finding the proper evidence to prove that negligence played a part could be difficult. A local legal professional could give advice to an individual about the validity of their dog attack claim.

Get on the Path to Recovery by Contacting an Elkins Dog Bite Lawyer

Any dog bite could force you to seek emergency medical services to prevent potential complications. A serious injury could require even more extensive treatment, including plastic surgery and psychological care. If responsibility for your hardship and inconvenience lies with another party, avoid footing the bill for their carelessness by hiring a qualified personal injury attorney.

If you received an animal attack that resulted in damages such as pain, expenses, or lost work, you could pursue recovery through legal channels. Call an Elkins dog bite lawyer today to discuss your options for holding a dog owner responsible for your losses. Local laws exist that could simplify the process of finding financial relief.