Elkins Boat Accident Lawyer

The criminal and civil liability arising from a boat vessel accident often resemble that resulting of a traffic accident. A boater or a loved one affected by an accident may bring a lawsuit for personal injury and damage to property to compensate for any financial burdens they incur.

If you or someone you loved was harmed in such an experience, you could receive legal advice and assistance on pursuing damages from an Elkins boat accident lawyer. They could discuss all your options with you and determine the best next step for filing your claim.

How are Boating Accidents Handled in Elkins?

Someone involved in an accident or casualty while operating a water vessel in West Virginia, according to the state Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Section, has a legal obligation to respond in a way similar to how one would respond to an automobile accident. If they can reduce the danger by providing aid and without seriously harming their own boat or anyone aboard, they must do so.

Boaters must also give their name, address, and vessel registration to anyone who sustained harm as well as file an accident report if the crash necessitates medical treatment or causes more than $2,000 in property damage.

Filing a Claim for Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

The statute of limitations restricting the time for filing a lawsuit for personal injury, damage to property, or wrongful death allows up to two years after a harmful incident takes place for the plaintiff to file a claim. Under Chapter 55 of the West Virginia Code, if a plaintiff brings a lawsuit for a personal injury from which they subsequently die, the claim may still be pursued by a representative of the deceased. For additional damages arising between the time of injury and the time of death, that representative may bring additional claims forth.

If an individual has suffered an injury on the water in Elkins, they should seek advice about recovering damages from a water vessel wreck.

Recoverable Boat Accident Damages

A broad range of injuries and losses can stem from water vessel collisions, including drownings, concussion, broken bones, and property damage to the boat. However, a monetary award could also include relief for sorrow, loss of companionship, loss of income, and funeral expenses.

Those suffering from an injury may opt to settle a claim for damages out of court by negotiating with adverse parties. However, if the injured person needs hospitalization, or cannot resume normal employment during the 20 days following the injury, other parties may not obtain a settlement, a release from liability, or a statement for use in a later negotiation from the injured person, nor may they attempt to do so.

Enlist a Capable Elkins Boat Accident Attorney to Settle any Legal Disputes

The legal strategy you pursue may determine how much you are able to recover for damages arising from a boating crash. Moreover, the attorney you enlist could outline and execute the most successful strategy available.

When it comes to representation, you can rely on an Elkins boat accident lawyer to discuss your case and uphold your legal rights. Contact our dedicated legal professionals for advice in your area today.