Elkins Bicycle Accident Lawyer

All motorists on Elkins roads are obligated to use reasonable care and comply with the state’s traffic laws for the safe operation of motor vehicles. If a motorist drives carelessly or recklessly and hits a bicyclist, they can be held liable for the injuries and damages they cause.

Let an Elkins bicycle accident lawyer help you if you have sustained injuries from a negligence motorist. A personal injury attorney with experience handling a broad range of cycling claims can help you hold the at-fault party responsible for the crash and secure the settlement you deserve.

Elkins Bicycle Laws

West Virginia has specific laws about bicyclists and how they should share the road with other motorists. According to West Virginia Code § 17C-11A-4, if a bicyclist is younger than 15, they must wear a protective helmet. Cyclists are not permitted to sit anywhere other than the actual seat of the bike, and are barred from transporting more passengers than the bike is intended to support (see W.V. Code § 17C-11-3).

Bicyclists who are riding on regular roadways must keep up with the steady flow of traffic or else stay as close as possible to the right side of the road or in the designated bike lane, per W.V. Code § 17C-11-5. Cyclists must also ensure that their vehicles are adequately illuminated when riding at night so that other motorists see them.

W.V. Code § 17C-11-7 requires that bicycles have a white light on the front of the bike and a red reflector on the back of the bike. The white headlight should be observable from a minimum of 500 feet away, while the red reflector on the back should be seen from 50 to 300 feet away. An Elkins bicycle accident legal advisor can help an injured cyclist understand how these laws could impact a claim.

Primary Causes of Serious Cycling Accidents

There are numerous common causes of severe cycling accidents in Elkins. Motorists who are driving drunk or fatigued, for example, may not allow a proper distance between them and a cyclist on the road. If a motorist rear-ends or sideswipes a cyclist, the individual could be thrown off their bike, suffering devastating injuries, such as:

  • Scarring
  • Broken bones
  • Road rash
  • Disfigurement
  • Nerve damage
  • Facial injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Brain trauma

Aggressive driving, speeding, and distracted driving are also primary factors in cycling collisions. Any impact between a traditional motor vehicle and a bicyclist who has only the most minimal protection against injury can be catastrophic.

Elkins Bicycle Collision Filing Deadline

West Virginia sets a general two-year filing deadline for most claims arising from personal injuries, including bicycle accidents. So, after suffering injuries and property damage, the individual has two years to contact an Elkins legal professional to help them bring a claim for compensation. If the cyclist is killed in the bicycle collision, the individual’s family has up to two years from that date to file a wrongful death suit on their behalf.

Talk with an Elkins Bicycle Accident Lawyer About Your Potential Case

If you were injured while cycling, you could be owed compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages from the collision. An Elkins bicycle accident lawyer can evaluate your potential case and advise whether you are entitled to compensation from the other motorist. Contact an attorney today to receive your confidential consultation and get advice on your legal options.