Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

I often get asked the question as to whether or not you should give a recorded statement to the insurance company when they call you a few days after your injury. And the answer I give to everyone is, DO NOT give a recorded statement to the insurance company.

recorded statement

Let me explain a little bit about what typically happens following someone being injured. When someone is injured, the insurance company will be notified and likely call you within two, three, or four days following your injury. They will ask you several questions that they are recording the answers to.

One of those questions will be how are you. And most people will tell them or respond with, “I’m feeling okay.” or “I’m feeling pretty good.” However, the insurance company will take that recorded statement, have it transcribed, and later use it against you.

And here’s how they’ll use it against you.

When someone reads your statement, they will read that you responded to that question with pretty good or, okay. But, what they miss in reading it on paper is that you felt okay or pretty good compared to how you did the day after or two days after the accident. Compared to those days, you feel pretty good, but you’re a long way from recovery.

That’s just one example of why you should never give a recorded statement to the insurance company because they will always use that information against you and for their interests, not yours.