Child Beneficiaries in Clarksburg Wrongful Death Claims

The West Virginia code states that “children, including adopted children and stepchildren” may be eligible to be a beneficiary in a wrongful death lawsuit. The listing of children as beneficiaries may cause some additional considerations in distributing the settlement that beneficiaries may discuss with the Clarksburg wrongful death attorney handling their case.

Factors Impacting Children’s Eligibility as Beneficiaries

As they pertain to losses the child may experience upon losing a parent, damages may range from loss of guidance the parent had provided to the child, to sorrow and mental anguish. This may be taken into account when considering a child’s right to a portion of the settlement.

Several factors may impact the amount of the settlement that children are entitled to, including:

  • age of children;
  • presence of other beneficiaries;
  • dependence on deceased; and
  • stipulations in the will (if one exists).

If a beneficiary is a minor child with no surviving parent, a guardian will need to be appointed to represent the child during the legal proceedings. A Clarksburg wrongful death attorney will be able to work with the guardian to pursue the child’s right to be a beneficiary of the deceased parent’s (or parents’) estate.

Beneficiaries who are stepchildren of a deceased parent who also has biological children as beneficiaries may run into additional challenges when seeking a share of the settlement. This delicate subject may be resolved by examining each beneficiary’s dependence on the deceased and the severity of the loss faced due to the wrongful death.

Our Clarksburg Wrongful Death Attorneys Protect Your Rights

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