Determining Fault in a Clarksburg Rollover Truck Accident

Risks of personal injury in a rollover truck accident may include the truck driver or other motorists on the roadway in adjoining or oncoming lanes. Damage to the load is a risk, and if the truck contains hazardous materials, there are environmental risks to consider, pertaining to the population of the area where there was leakage or spilling.

It is important to evaluate the risks of a truck tipping over in order to prevent an accident or to determine fault from the aftermath of the event. If you have experienced a rollover truck accident in Clarksburg, call a professional personal injury lawyer to help you investigate the cause of the crash and determine fault.

Reasons for a Clarksburg Truck Rollover

As always, truck drivers can decrease the risk of a rollover truck accident by driving safely. All drivers have an obligation to observe the roadway ahead of them and adjust their speed accordingly to avoid taking curves too fast. If a truck driver is not adhering to the safety laws of the road, they could be held liable for causing the crash.

Obstacles in Roadway

Tip overs can occur when distracted or drowsy drivers jerk the wheel of the vehicle when they suddenly regain attention. Especially if there are unforeseen obstacles in the road, such as deer, truck drivers may be caught unaware and swerve, and a rollover may ensue. Deer are common in West Virginia, which is why when youth are getting their driver’s licenses, they are taught not to swerve to avoid an animal in the roadway, as they may stray into oncoming traffic or roll their vehicle over.

Trailer Load

Another way truck drivers can reduce the risk of a rollover is by being aware of how the contents of their trailer are loaded. The driver may be the one driving the load to its destination, but they are not always involved in loading the trailer. They may simply show up with their truck and get told which trailer to hook up to. The trailer is not only already loaded, but often sealed, and that seal is not broken until it gets to its destination. That helps the broker and the shipper ensure that the load was not disturbed or tampered with in any way.

However, if the cargo is loaded in a way that is top-heavy or uneven, it may play a role in causing a truck to tip over. Liability may be assigned to the person or company who loaded the truck improperly.

Vehicle Maintenance and Weather

Performing regular vehicle maintenance is also important in preventing rollover accidents. Poorly maintained brakes and suspension or driving on under-inflated tires have been known to be causes of a collision.

Weather conditions, such as high winds, can cause a vehicle to roll over as well. While these conditions might not be preventable by the truck operator, they could still be held liable for not knowing some aspect of their vehicle ]is prone to malfunction or for not taking the weather conditions into account by adjusting their driving accordingly, such as reducing their speed or taking different routes.

Other Drivers on the Road

Other drivers on the road can contribute to rollover accidents if they veer into the path of or cut off a vehicle, causing the other driver to have to make sudden changes of course. A Clarksburg lawyer can help determine what factors caused the rollover truck wreck and investigate who should be held liable.

A Clarksburg Rollover Truck Accident Attorney Could Help You Get to the Bottom of Your Case

If you were involved in an accident where a truck rolled over, determining fault could be difficult without help from a Clarksburg attorney. An experienced personal injury lawyer could help investigate the wreck to determine what factors played a role in causing the rollover and who may be liable to pay you compensation. Call an attorney to consult about your legal options today.