Clarksburg Truck Accident Litigation

Filing a personal injury lawsuit with the court can potentially help you reach a higher settlement than going through the insurance company. Your Clarksburg truck accident lawyer can present your case to a judge or jury in order to reach a decision on your truck accident claim.


The litigation phase of a truck accident in Clarksburg claim begins with the summons. This legal document lays out your case against the defendant. The defendant has a period of time during which he or she can answer your complaint. Depending on the strength of your claim, the defendant can ask to have the lawsuit dismissed. However, in some cases, a settlement may be reached at this point.

If your claim is accepted, the discovery process will begin. During this time, both sides exchange evidence in order to prepare the truck accident in Clarksburg case for trial.

Clarksburg Truck Accident Trials

During the trial for your truck accident, each side will have an opportunity to:

  • present their case;
  • call on witnesses; and
  • introduce evidence.

Your Clarksburg personal injury lawyer may have expert witnesses, such as an accident reconstruction specialist, testify on your behalf. After the evidence is presented, each side will have a chance to make a closing statement.

If your Clarksburg truck accident lawyer presented your case to a jury, a group of jurors will deliberate to reach a verdict. If your truck accident in Clarksburg case was heard by a judge, he or she will then make the decision regarding the resolution.

Dealing with a truck accident in Clarksburg claim can be very difficult. While some claims can be resolved within a matter of months, these cases can sometimes take years. By hiring a Clarksburg personal injury lawyer who has experience with cases such of yours, you can improve your odds of a successful resolution.