Clarksburg Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Around Clarksburg, dump trucks are frequently seen on Interstate 79 and US Route 50, as well as various rural roads. Unfortunately, many such rural roads are not very wide and may not have a center line, and oftentimes crashes involving dump trucks are situations where they force another motorist off the road. Other common types of dump truck wrecks include rear-end collisions, sideswipes due to improper lane changes, and head-on collisions that result from a vehicle driving left of center in their lane.

If you were involved in a car crash involving a dump truck recently, you may want to talk to a truck accident attorney about your options for financial recovery. A qualified Clarksburg dump truck accident lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation for all the injuries and losses you sustained due to someone else’s negligent conduct.

Sources of Liability in Dump Truck Wrecks

Some common causes of dump truck accidents include faulty equipment, failure to inspect or maintain the braking systems, driver fatigue, and inattentive driving. Like many other motorists in today’s society, many dump truck drivers are unfortunately on their phones while driving, whether it is job-related—like checking directions for where they are going—or just personal. Driver inattention is a cause of as many dump truck accidents as regular motor vehicle accidents.

A dump truck accident case can also change in two regards based on the type of substance being carried. First, there are different insurance requirements for trucking companies depending on the type of material being carried, particularly if the dump truck is carrying a hazardous material. Second, different insurance coverage may be available to an accident victim depending on the type of substance being carried by the truck.

If the dump truck is driving on behalf of a coal company, for instance, a plaintiff could look for insurance coverage from the coal company, because it is their truck that was involved in a crash and the driver was their employee. If, however, the dump truck driver was transporting materials as an over-the-road or independent contractor, there may be potential insurance coverage through not only the truck owner and/or dump truck driver, but also through the broker who arranged for that hauling.

What Insurance Adjusters Look For

When an insurance carrier exercises certain control over the truck owner or the truck operator or both, oftentimes that can create liability for them as well. Depending on the situation, there may be additional defendants a Clarksburg dump truck crash attorney could work to hold responsible, and there may be different insurance coverage option which could be available to a victim.

In general, an insurance adjuster in a dump truck accident has to account for all the losses and harms caused as a result of the dump truck accident—for instance, medical bills, lost wages, and loss of household services. There may also be pain and suffering to account for, as well as future damages for long-term medical care and permanent injuries.

In a case where the injury from the dump truck accident leads to death, the insurance adjuster also has to account for the funeral expenses and any medical expenses that were incurred until the time of death. All of these losses may be recoverable for the victim through a civil lawsuit, which a knowledgeable dump truck accident lawyer in Clarksburg could help pursue.

Speak to a Seasoned Clarksburg Dump Truck Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

Whether a dump truck strikes someone as a pedestrian or in an automobile, these large and heavy vehicles often causes significant—and in many cases fatal—injuries. Attorneys also often see traumatic brain injuries sustained when someone is injured by a dump truck, as well as neck injuries and back injuries.

After experiencing such a serious auto wreck, you may be in significant need of legal support. To get started pursuing damages in your case, call a Clarksburg dump truck accident lawyer today.