Truck Accident Cases in Clarksburg

Recovering fair compensation after a motor vehicle crash involving a commercial truck can be of critical importance to a severely injured victim. Just as important, however, may be understanding how these types of accidents occur and the impact that actions taken at the scene of a wreck could have on the outcome of ensuing civil litigation. A qualified truck accident attorney could provide clarification about the various aspects and unique qualities of truck accident cases in Clarksburg.

First Steps to Take After a Crash

The first concern of anyone injured in a truck crash needs to be their health, so they first need to seek medical care if their injuries allow for it. If there are witnesses to the event, they also need to make sure that those witnesses cooperate and provide statements if possible. At the very least, they want to get the names and contact information of those witnesses, so they can follow up with them and get statements.

Often in collisions involving trucks, the drivers involved will each have very different stories as to how the wreck happened, who had the right of way, or what color the light was when the drivers entered the intersection. With this in mind, cooperating with the police is also very important, and if an accident victim can take pictures of the vehicles involved and the accident scene, they will want to do that as well.

Most importantly, people need to remember that when commercial motor vehicles like dump trucks, garbage trucks, and tractor-trailers get in a crash, the companies that own and operate them typically have teams that will deploy to the scene of an accident as quickly as possible. That team is not there to make sure that justice is done to the accident’s victim(s)—they are there to protect the trucking company.

In light of that, this team will often include investigators as well as attorneys gathering information as quickly as they possibly can, and they are not going to share that information with a prospective plaintiff unless the court forces them to. For the average person who is the victim of a side-impact collision or a T-bone collision with a truck, it is very important that they get an attorney to represent them and work on their behalf sooner rather than later.

How an Attorney Could Help with Truck Crash Cases

An attorney for someone who has been involved in a truck collision can take many steps to begin helping them with their case. First of all, they can begin to gather information regarding the crash itself as quickly as possible, which is usually critical since liability for the crash is often disputed in such collisions. The quicker an attorney can get involved and begin talking to witnesses and investigating police officers, reviewing crash reports, and photographing the scene and damage to the vehicles involved, the better the chances of succeeding the plaintiff they are representing may have.

The attorney can also find out information about available insurance coverage and who the responsible parties might be. They could also catalog and quantify the losses and the harms that a crash victim suffered in the collision and present that information to the insurance company for the at-fault driver in hopes of trying to negotiate a settlement or a resolution which is fair for their client. Finally, if necessary, legal counsel could help pursue litigation against the at-fault driver and demonstrate to a civil court the significance of the harms and losses that were experienced.

Getting Help with Clarksburg Truck Accident Claims

After getting in a serious accident with a commercial vehicle, calling a lawyer may be the last thing on your mind compared to the injuries you may have suffered and the damage your vehicle likely sustained. However, if you can prove that the truck driver in question and/or their employer was negligent, you may be able to recover compensation for these and other losses. To get started on your truck accident case in Clarksburg, call an experienced truck accident attorney today.