Clarksburg Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

These injuries may exhibit similar symptoms as those seen in mild TBIs, but they may persist for a longer period of time. Doctors may order hospital stays or strict observation at home for patients in this category. Other symptoms of moderate traumatic brain injuries in Clarksburg may include:

  • vomiting or nausea which will not abate
  • slurred speech
  • numbness or weakness of the extremities
  • convulsions or seizures
  • uncoordinated movements
  • pupil dilation
  • inability to wake up from sleep

Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

The main difference between a severe traumatic brain injury and the mild or moderate types are the long-term effects of the injury. The initial symptoms are similar to those found in traumatic brain injuries of lesser severity, but the patient may also suffer indefinite periods of:

  • sensory loss or damage
  • motor skills restriction or loss
  • nervous system damage
  • changes in personality or personality disorders
  • comatose states

In addition, about 52,000 Americans die each year from a traumatic brain injury.

Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

In short, the more severe the traumatic brain injury, the greater the likelihood of long-term effects. People who suffer a TBI also increase their chances of contracting brain diseases associated with aging, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

About 1.7 million people sustain traumatic brain injuries each year in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not surprisingly, these injuries take a financial toll on the victims and their families. One study pinpointed the total cost of traumatic brain injuries in 2000 at $60 billion (including medical care and indirect costs such as lost productivity at work).

Symptom Timeline after Brain Injury

Many symptoms do not show up all at once, or even immediately after your injury.  It is important to work with your doctor to review your symptoms as they become apparent during your treatment.  Some symptoms may not appear for weeks or even months after an accident.

Working with your doctor and any referred specialist is key.  There are over 5 million Americans currently living with TBI related disabilities.  There have been a number of advancements in the treatment of TBI that will further allow individuals to better function with both short and long term issues.

Brain Injury and Your Accident Claim

A traumatic brain injury caused by an accident sometimes never gets addressed.  TBI resulting from an accident can be very extensive.  You will need to prove the cause of the injury along with diagnosis and expected treatment.  Attorneys at The Miley Legal Group have extensive experience with dealing with TBI and forcing insurance companies to better assess and in the end better compensate clients who experience this life altering injury.  TBI has lasting effects and it can lead to life long changes including job loss, physical changes and even long term care by expensive medical providers.

As more developments take place in the field of traumatic brain injury, it is important that this information is brought to the table during your recovery and any claim files with an insurance company.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and you think TBI has resulted, please contact your doctor for further examination and then contact the lawyers at The Miley Legal Group to make sure the cost of the medical treatment and any long terms financial strains are covered through your case.