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Head injuries can have potentially severe consequences for adults, but parents worry even more about their children sustaining head injuries because kids are more active than adults and their bodies are still growing.

While parents will never stop worrying about their children, they can take heart from a recent study conducted in Canada. The study reveals that kids who suffer common head injuries are very unlikely to experience future brain damage.

Research Involving Kids, Head Injuries, and Brain Damage

The research was headed by Dr. David Johnson of the University of Calgary. The results, which were announced on June 21, 2010, have been published in the medical journal Pediatrics.

The study looked at almost 18,000 children who were diagnosed with minor brain injuries in Calgary over an 8-year period. Out of all of the cases studied, only 5 of them suffered delayed bleeding in the brain. Physicians are always concerned about brain bleeds because they can show up weeks after the initial injury – and can lead to brain damage if left untreated.

Vigilance is Still Important

While the study should be reassuring to parents, it does not mean that they should be less vigilant when their children sustain head injuries. However, when he released the study’s findings, Dr. Johnson issued this general rule of thumb: if a child is interactive and alert and does not vomit after a head injury, brain damage is unlikely.

This study however, only focused on minor head injuries. Severe traumatic brain injuries on the other hand can result in long-term or permanent damage to both adults and children.

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Contacting a Clarksburg Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

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