Clarksburg Bed Bug Bite Lawyer

Bed bugs are a nuisance and an outbreak can lead to heavy expenses, and even injuries.  Many cases of bed bug bites result from a hotel stay and can cause a number of physical, mental and emotional issues for the victims.  But what can you do?  How can you be compensated for the expenses that you had to go through?  Can you be compensated for the physical injuries that the bed bugs caused?

Types of Compensation for Bed Bug Claims

Treating bed bugs can be expensive.  Depending on how bad the infestation is and if you brought them home from the hotel, the costs will continue to mount.  The average cost of treating an infestation can be several hundred dollars, some into the thousands of dollars depending on if you have to discard clothing, furniture, rugs, bedding or other items.  Who will pay for all of that?

Generally, you can make a claim with the hotel if the bed bugs came from a recent stay and you can prove that is where they came from.  It is imperative that you notify the hotel immediately when you notice anything abnormal about your stay.

We have seen claims for bed bug infestations include the following compensation scenarios:

  • Property damage, anything that has to be tossed, should be replaced.
  • Physical injuries and the medical bills associated with them.
  • Permanent scaring from the bites.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Emotional distress, dealing with bed bugs is horrifying.
  • Cost of ruined vacations or hotel stays.
  • Lost wages due to missing work to deal with the infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Consumer Reports has provided a complete how to video on checking for bed bugs in a hotel.  They suggest that when you first enter a new hotel room to put your luggage in the bathroom and inspect the bedding and furniture.  You are looking for adults and potential eggs that are visible to the human eye.  They can be found in the sheets, mattress and box-spring seams.  You may also see casings that the bed bugs have left behind.

It is important to check under the bed as well and if you see any signs, immediately notify the hotel and get your luggage out of that room.  Bed bugs can hitch a ride home on your luggage, so you need to be careful, you don’t want the little buggers in your house.

Discovered Bed Bugs After Hotel Stay?

This is when it becomes difficult.  Now you have to treat your property due to the infestation.  Although there are different methods to treat bed bugs, it is important that you research how to handle your particular situation and we would recommend contacting an exterminator for professional advice.  Make sure you document all of your expenses and keep good records.

Filing a Bed Bug Claim.

Filing a bed bug claim can be very similar to most other insurance claim filings; however you will be required to provide additional information.  Insurance companies are going to want to make sure you can show where you got the bed bugs from and how they were treated.  They will also ask for expense information.  As with any other accident or injury, dealing with insurance companies can be tricky.  They are not out to make sure you are taken care of, in the end they want to ensure that their bottom line is protected.