Clarksburg Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents happen.  They happen to the best drivers among us.  Whether on Main Street or Route 50, accidents can rearrange the rest of our lives.  Fortunately, you have experienced Clarksburg personal injury attorneys at your disposal with The Miley Legal Group.  Once you begin to deal with the aftermath of an accident, from the property damage claim to the medical bills that you get from all of the medical providers you turn to for help, it can become overwhelming.

Why Choose a Clarksburg Personal Injury Attorney?

You should choose a Clarksburg personal injury attorney after being injured at the fault of someone else, because you not only want someone local, but someone who cares about you as they do their family.  The Miley Legal Group has received a great number of reviews due to their caring nature and their experience with dealing with insurance companies.

When Should You Contact an Attorney About Your Clarksburg Injury Accident?

First, if you were injured, get your injury treated.  We want to make sure you are better, or in the process of getting better, before you even consider what to do next.  Your health is top priority.

If any of the following is true about your injury, you should contact an injury attorney:

  1.  You sustained sever injuries (broken bones, sprained muscles, lacerations, etc…).
  2. Your injuries were directly caused by the negligence of another party (person).
  3. You have been offered a quick settlement by an insurance company.
  4. The person who harmed you is claiming they are not responsible.
  5. You do not feel comfortable with what has happened to your claim to date.

What Should You Look for in a Clarksburg Injury Attorney?

Not all attorneys and firms are the same.  Most follow similar steps when processing your accident.  You want someone who will treat you more than a number.  You want someone who will help you get back on your feet.

Most attorneys will tell you that they are “aggressive” and will slam the “hammer” down on the insurance company.  That is just silly.  You want someone who will stop bragging about how “awesome” they are and tell you how they will help you.  You want an attorney that will show you that they have been successful in the past through referrals and past client experiences.

Before you talk to an adjuster or hire another law firm, watch the following video from Tim Miley, the owner of The Miley Legal Group:

Here’s how we can help you with your car accident case today:

The team at The Miley Legal Group wants to help you get back on your feet and get back to living your life.  Reach out to us to let us help you make the best decisions for your injury claim.